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JaguarWatch Product Information for Dealers

Welcome to the JaguarWatch Product Information page for Jaguar Dealers in the UK.

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1. Background Information

Across Europe the sales of stolen vehicle tracking systems are growing rapidly in response to the 1.5 million cars stolen each year costing owners and insurers more than €10 billion.  Already, the installation of these products is required or strongly recommended by insurers on luxury cars, including some Jaguar models, in many European countries.  JaguarWatch is the only stolen vehicle tracking system that is approved for fitment to Jaguar cars.  The system has been fully tested by Jaguar engineers and is supported by the normal Jaguar warranty.

JaguarWatch is available for the XF, XJ, XK and X-TYPE. The S-Type and previous model XJ may also be fitted.

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2. Product Design

The JaguarWatch design consists of a hardware configuration that is installed in the car together with a communications & service package. 

The hardware configuration has a number of elements.  These are:

  • Central Communicator Unit - which is a 'state of the art' GPS/GSM tracking system
  • Car Installation Kit - which is specific to each car model
  • Automatic Driver Recognition System (ADR) - an optional module which is required to meet the Thatcham Cat5 standard (see below)

A powerful feature of JaguarWatch is that the precise settings of the system are transmitted to it over the GSM network meaning that dealers do not have to invest in specialist commissioning equipment to install it.

The Communications & Service package is provided by “EUROWATCH”, which operates a dedicated network of monitoring centres across Europe.  Its service operates 24-hours a day in more than 42 countries and each centre is directly linked into the police in each country.  This means that customers get priority attention from police if their car is stolen and, even if it is driven into a foreign country, it can still be tracked and the police in that country notified.  The initial subscription runs for three years and can be renewed annually thereafter.

JaguarWatch Advanced is a Thatcham Cat5 approved system, which includes remote immobilisation and Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) using a Driver Recognition tag.  The tag is a credit card sized transmitting device that communicates with the ECU when the vehicle ignition is turned on to confirm the driver’s identity independently of the vehicle keys. 

In the event a tag is not detected by the unit when the vehicle ignition is turned on, and if the driver continues driving the vehicle, a silent alarm will be sent to the JaguarWatch Monitoring Centre.

JaguarWatch Standard is a Thatcham TQA approved system.  Other than Automatic Driver Recognition and no remote immobilsation, there is no difference in the systems.  (N.B. Automatic Driver Recognition is a requirement of Cat5.)

Note: Cat5 is the highest standard set by Thatcham (Thatcham Cat5), the body which issues insurance approvals.  Some insurers will require the owner of a high value or high theft risk vehicle to install a Cat5 approved system.  In all other cases, the fitment of JaguarWatch Standard is recommended.

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3. Key Features and Benefits

The JaguarWatch product is designed to be a competitive offering for each market.  It has every feature required to meet all insurance standards that exist in the UK and throughout mainland Europe.  Its features include:

  • Approved by insurers - depending on circumstances, customer may qualify for benefits
  • Ease of use - operation of driver recognition simply by carrying the ADR card or totally passive operation if a JaguarWatch Standard system is fitted
  • Full conformance and EMC testing by Jaguar - unlike some non-approved systems, JaguarWatch does not adversely impact on the vehicle electrical systems
  • Low quiescent drain - unlike some non-approved systems, JaguarWatch does not drain the vehicle battery when the vehicle is left unattended for a couple of weeks
  • All components in the JaguarWatch system have a 3-year warranty
  • Competitive price - in line with comparable products in the local market
  • Unlimited GSM roaming text usage at no further cost to the customer
  • International service working across Europe giving the customer priority access to the police when he travels abroad.

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4. Key selling points

The reasons why the customer should choose JaguarWatch are as follows:

  • Full insurance certificates for UK (Cat5 & TQA) and Holland (TT03, Class 4)
  • Fully tested and warranted by Jaguar for each car line with installation harnesses, brackets, guides and training provided
  • Secure encrypted communications through a police approved monitoring centre
  • On-line registration via the internet minimising the need for paperwork
  • On-line commission facility which ensures that each product passes a service quality test before being delivered to the customer
  • System roams across all UK GSM networks thereby minimising any lack of coverage by individual networks
  • Pan-European Service useful for customers who travel abroad for business, sport or holidays

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